Our Mentors and Team Leaders

Lonny Weissman

Team Mentor lweissman@apesofwrath668.org
Lonny Weissman has been a long-time mentor for the team. Lonny is a retired algebra teacher from Pioneer High School. He has been involved with the team since 2003, and In 2008, Lonny won the Silicon Valley Regional Woodie Flowers Award from FIRST. Lonny was instrumental to bringing robotics classes to Pioneer High School as well as helping the team get off the ground.


Rahil Mehta

Team Mentor rahil@apesofwrath668.org
Rahil Mehta is a graduate of Pioneer High School Class of 2011, and participated in the robotics team all four years at Pioneer. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015, and currently works at Tesla. He is co-owner of MillAway Tools along with Eric Wach who is a Pioneer and Apes of Wrath Alumnus as well.


Cody King

Team Mentor cking@sjusd.org
Cody King has been teaching computer science at Pioneer High School for the past three years and took on the role of being a robotics mentor for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond, where he has enjoyed working with the programming team. His computer science experience includes a mix of college coursework and hobby projects from over the past 10 years. Cody earned his B. S. in Mathematics and M. A. in Teaching from Santa Clara University.


Sarah Nichols

Team Mentor snichols@apesofwrath668.org
Sarah Nichols is an active, passionate mentor for our team, and has taken mentorship over the CAD, Mechanical & Machining teams. She first became involved with FIRST in 2012, when she joined the robotics team at her high school, Team 3255 The SuperNURDs. Her mentors on that team inspired her to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. At Harvey Mudd College Sarah worked on projects in the medical industry. She also began mentoring her old team, the SuperNURDs, in 2015. Sarah graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2016 with a B.S. in Engineering, and moved to Santa Clara to work as a Mechanical Engineer at Intuitive Surgical in 2017. At Intuitive Surgical she has worked on advanced robotic medical servicess for surgeons. Sarah became a mentor for The Apes of Wrath in 2018, and is inspired to mentor because her mentors in high school had such an impact on her life. Outside of work and mentoring, Sarah enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and playing the ukulele.


Saul Hernandez

Team Mentor wasay@apesofwrath668.org
Saul Hernandez is a previous Pioneer High School teacher of 3 years, and has stayed as an active mentor for the team. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He provides a positive atmosphere, advises the Mechanical team, and helps manage the team's direction.

Curtis Stokes

Team Mentor curtis.stokes@apesofwrath668.org
Curtis Stokes is an invested mentor and has two children that have been on the team. He advises with business decisions with his experience as a commodity manager at Google, providing valuable input and general resources required to run the team.


Brett Ryan

Team Mentor brett@apesofwrath668.org
Brett Ryan graduated from UC San Diego in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. At UC San Diego, Brett performed 2 years of Undergraduate Research in Computer Vision. Since graduating, Brett has been working professionally as a Software Engineer focusing on mobile applications, networking, and distributed systems.


Wasay Anwar

Team Mentor wasay@apesofwrath668.org
Wasay Anwar is an Apes alumni and currently studies at MIT while also working for Apple. He works with the Programming team on general development and control systems.

Alvin Cheng

Team Mentor
Alvin Cheng is an FRC alumni and currently works for BAE Systems as a Principle Test Engineer. He mentors several FRC teams in the area and volunteers as judge advisor for local FLL tournaments. He is also on the Board of Directors on the Western Region Robotics Forum, host of the annual CalGames off season competition. When he is not working or mentoring, he enjoys low budget endurance car racing at the local racetracks.


John Williams


Grace Kwak

VP/Programming Captain

Joey Dirck

Mechanical Captain

Ben Elkayam

CAD Captain

Tom Elkayam

Electrical Captain

Johnathan Kreidenweis

Machining Captain

Kieren Emens

Media Captain

Tyler Pena

Outreach Captain

Maddi Kwon

Business Captain

Tessa Shank

Scouting Captain

Kaya Stokes

Additive Manufacturing Captain