CalGames 2018 Highlights

By Kieren Emens

This last weekend from October 5-6th was the offseason FRC competition, CalGames, in the Bay Area California! The Apes had been prepping for the event since August this year.

A new drive team was made out of existing members to replace Apes alumni that had been on the drive team. Although new at the job, they proved well under pressure during matches.

Our scouting team headed by Tessa Shank were dedicated to providing accurate info for the team that allowed us to ultimately pick Team 6814 for our alliance.

We made it to the playoffs and competed in an alliance with Team 6814 Ellipse and Team 649 M-SET Fish, reaching the semifinals! We’re very grateful to have worked with enthusiastic members that created an enjoyable and easy-going playoffs.

We hope to perform well next year in 2019 FIRST Launch and wish the best for every team currently preparing for the yet to be released game.

To see the best of our CalGames experience, check out the rest of the photos at:

All photos were taken by Thomas LaPlante.



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