FIRST Powerup Kickoff: Week One

Custom pancake printed at our annual kickoff potluck meeting.

To begin this weeks’ newsletter, The Apes would like to thank our new sponsors for the 2018 build season, Lockheed Martin and The Brin-Wojcicki Foundation, for joining our team and supporting STEM education. Our sponsors keep 668 alive and we cannot thank them enough for their benevolence and compassion. Each subgroup of the team has started the build season off right away, wasting no time to get the ball rolling on this year’s FIRST Robotics game, “Power Up”. Our CAD division has already finalized their drivetrain design, while machining is almost done materializing it. Currently, our CADers have been designing a solution to possibly the hardest element of the game, placing a “Power Cube” on a 6 ft high scale. Mechanics have started the build with prototyping, working hard to meet demanding deadlines the build season requires. Programming is updating libraries and making improvements to last years robot, Koba, to prepare for this year’s game. Electrical is planning a compact, efficient electronics board along with CAD to maximize superstructure capacity.

The build season has only just begun, however we are looking forward to the fresh start of a new game. Although we’ve had to say goodbye to some mentors and many seniors, The Apes have welcomed a new Student President, Max Kwon (happy birthday!!), and new mentors Sarah and Wassay. 668 also re-welcomed last years’ Teacher Advisor, Saul Hernandez, as a mentor! Our goals this year to improve from last year are to not assume all elements will work and expand our outreach program to more local schools. We also hope to build two robots as efficiently as possible, something we were able to achieve for the 2017 game.

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