Kickoff 2019!

The start of the 2019 season Destination: Deep Space has gone underway, and the Apes have started off strongly. First, we welcome and thank two new sponsors, ARM and Intuitive Surgical, for supporting our team and FIRST Robotics teams elsewhere. Our sponsors keep our team financially afloat, and we absolutely couldn’t function without all their dedication.

As a team we’ve discussed our priorities for our robot to ensure we score the most points and ranking points possible. Our CAD team is hard at work designing the computer models to make our ideas tangible.

Our mechanical team is currently building the field elements to be used for robot testability, as well as creating prototypes and providing feedback for CAD students.

Electrical is focused on planning an organized electrical board that will make it easy for technical parts to be accessed by the whole team.

The programming team has setup the workspaces to start coding the basics of the robot’s planned functions, and have been thoroughly researching and developing vision software that is vital for our robot’s success in competition.

The Apes have also brought on new mentors in mechanical, machining, programming, electrical, and CAD. All of these mentors will be hugely beneficial for accelerating development by helping ensure our students are capable of designing and creating the robot on their own.

We wish all teams a fun and successful build season, and can’t wait to see other designs.

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